Attention women, there’s a website that will help you have better orgasms!

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Attention women, there’s a website that will help you have better orgasms!

If orgasm sounds like a distant dream to you and very few of your partners have been successful in hitting your pleasure spot correctly to make you gasp with joy, it’s time you take charge and show them the way to your paradise, with a little technological assistance and science to help them hit the bull’s eye.


A website called OMGYes is here to help and assist men and women learn everything about a woman’s sexual prowess. Bringing your sexual dreams to reality, this website combines the wisdom of more than 2,000 women aged between 18 to 95 along with the latest tech know-how and scientific knowledge to give you a satisfactory, content sexual life.

The website came to people’s attention after Harry Potter star Emma Watson admitted to being a paid subscriber of OMGYes.

Even feminist figure Gloria Steinem is a fan of the website. During a sit-down chat session in London, she heaped praises for the work OMGYes was doing in the field of female sexuality, “A friend told me about this website called OMGYes, which is dedicated to female sexuality. I wish it had been around longer. It’s an expensive subscription,” she said. “But it’s worth it,” she added.


OMGYes is the solution to all female sexuality-related problems

“When it comes to sex and pleasure, everyone’s trying to play it cool. No one honestly knows what’s going on exactly,” OMGYes program director Claire Kim explained in an interview with “What feels best changes a lot between people and even for the same people over time. Our surveys show people in couples aren’t telling each other what would make sex even better for fear of hurting feelings,” she added.

A paid subscriber of OMGYes gets access to step-by-step video guides and evidence-based techniques and proof of what affects women’s sexual confidence and pleasure. There is also a digital application that has a virtual vulva through where users can learn 12 tried-and-tested arousal techniques. Some techniques include ‘edging’, ‘staging’ and ‘rhythm’.

The website’s format is based on how a regular TV show works – season by season, with each season delving into a different topic pertaining to female sexuality. This year’s season digs into clitoral stimulation and the next two seasons talk about internal stimulation followed by sex and pleasure during pregnancy and post-partum phase.

“For each topic, our Ph.D. researchers do thousands of surveys and interviews via Skype — asking people what breakthroughs they figured out about pleasure that they wish they’d known sooner. Then the most prevalent ones we choose names for and follow up with detailed research into those,” Kim explained.