Former Air Force vet shows that a love for guns and Trump can be sexy as hell

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Former Air Force vet shows that a love for guns and Trump can be sexy as hell

Despite the ensuing public backlash that has engulfed the White House at large—thanks to Trump’s recent sh*thole remarks, there are still a legion of loyal supporters out there who stand loyally by the US President and support his ideology wholeheartedly.

One among them is a veteran of the US Army Airforce, who has gone all out to proclaim her relentless support for the US president, albeit in a rather sexy, drop-dead and ‘bountiful’ way.

Infitdel has become an Insta-celeb in her own way—thanks to her fitness posts and political views. Source: Instagram/Infitdel

Say hello to Infitdel—an ex-military mum, gun-wielding entrepreneur and fitness queen — who has raptured social media users with not just her beautiful presence and her intense workout sessions, but also her opinions and political stance that manifest itself in the form of bikinis, skirts and dresses, all in the hues of the American flag.

All stars and stripes for Infitdel who has more than 136k followers on Instagram. Source: Instagram/Infitdel

Thanks to all that and more, Infitdel has ascended to become an Insta-celeb in her own way—all the credit goes to her luscious curves and bada*s, unabashed personality.

Identified only as Infitdel, the Wisconsin-born beauty started drawing virtual crowds by a dozen since the moment she started posting her exercise routines, after having served for six years in the US Air Force.