Have you heard of Pussypedia? If you’re a woman, then you need to look it up!

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Have you heard of Pussypedia? If you’re a woman, then you need to look it up!

How often have you wondered about your body? Seeking out information amongst many other things online to gather a deeper understanding of the working marvels of the vagina, only to emerge all the more puzzled and disappointed?

The internet, with its plethora of information on the anatomy of the human body, does no justice to the striving curiosity of women who genuinely wish to learn more about their vagina. And while sex education mostly centers on preventing pregnancy, it’s not something that should stop with grade school. Curiosity is known to last a lifetime and people are constantly on the lookout for anything that would help them understand the functioning of their body better.

How much do you really know about your vagina?
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While reading sex and health articles online, terms like clitoris, vulva, cervix, and ovary are all lost on most of us, with no idea absolutely on where to locate these areas on the body.

For many of us, these basic questions about our anatomy go unanswered and this is a fact that can have serious consequences.

Pussypedia is a free encyclopedia on all things vagina!
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After googling the phenomena of squirting, Zoe Mendelson was left disappointed on the lack of information available on the subject and while she scoured the internet to satisfy her curiosity, the whole effort was rendered worthless when she realized just how much she did not know about her own body.

That was when the journalist based in Mexico teamed up with two other women; her best friend from college, Jackie Jahn, a Ph.D. student at Harward’s Chan School of Public Health; and visual artist and designer, Maria Conejo to create ‘Pussypedia.’


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Pussypedia ia a free, bilingual, digital encyclopedia of the vagina aimed to promote an interactive platform free of all stigma. Every woman has the right to knowledge regarding her own body and the severe lack of such information provided in poor quality is terribly unjust. Also, being shameful about one’s vagina is a thing of the past.

Most of what we learn about our bodies comes from people trying to sell us something we not only don’t need, but damages us. Ignorance can endanger our health while also leave us all the more confused about our vagina.

Good information is hard to find. This does not mean they do not exist. Most sources online are not cited and often contradict each other. Articles published on the internet are difficult to interpret by those who have no considerable background on the subject. Pussypedia wishes to change that.

Why The Word ‘Pussy’ And Not ‘Vagina’?

The vagina is nothing but the canal leading to the cervix. It’s a specific part of the female reproductive system whereas pussy addresses a wider concept, referring to a whole bunch of parts. Every woman shares the same features and the term pussy aims to provide an expanded definition covering the diversity of human anatomy and sexual expression.